Case Analysis : Hayes Valley

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Hayes Valley is currently known for having tons of new and hip boutiques, restaurants, bars and has been recently one of San Francisco’s hotspots for art installations. Situated about three blocks away from Civic Center and about four blocks from Market, Hayes Valley offers a quiet escape for local San Franciscans who want to splurge on fine dining and clothing in contrast to other commercial parts of San Francisco filled with tourist. By no means is Hayes Valley’s commercial neighborhood only for locals, it attracts tons of tourist day by day, but in comparison to most of the other neighborhoods in the city, Hayes Valley is a modest destination t that has gone through a drastic change in the last two decades. Believe it or not, the neighborhood was once vacation destination for San Franciscans, since the neighborhood was just outside the city limits (Schwartz). Colonel Thomas Hayes, a county clerk in a time when James Van Ness was Mayor of San Francisco, came to acquire a land grant of 160 acres west of Van Ness Avenue, starting in Divisadero, and bordering, Haight, Market and Turk streets. (Schwartz). If this were acquired during modern times,where value of the neighborhood is currently, Hayes would have been filthy rich. During the old days, San Francisco wasn 't as commuter friendly as we see it today. Getting across town or even a couple miles out of the city was dreadful. Even now it still takes awhile to get to one end of San Francisco to another, I cant imagine
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