Sanctions In America Research Paper

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The United States of America is known for being one of the most powerful and highly influential countries in the world. It has the ability to achieve great things and it can also help smaller, less puissant countries in the process. Some believe that the US should keep to themselves and their money should be used to better improve the conditions in the country in order to make sure that the “nation [is] safe, sound, and globally competitive” (Conner). The money can be used to help education, border security, and domestic disaster relief. Border control needs to be stronger because immigrants are coming from all over the world and some of these illegal immigrants are capable of causing destruction and domestic terrorism. What these people do …show more content…

The sanctions put in Myanmar also proved to be influential, but now that the US is going to remove them, things are going to steep downhill. America has helped other countries countless times. An example of this is Hiroshima and Nagasaki. America dropped the atomic bombs in Japan and then after the city was in smithereens, they went in and attempted to make everything right again. Now of course the Japanese are not necessarily welcome in the US and Americans are not really welcome in Japan, but that is a different story. After World War II, the US sent out grants to Europe and made reconstruction projects that allowed Europe to become powerful once again. This project was known as the Marshall Plan and it was made to assist European nations in rebuilding their infrastructure. When the Truman Doctrine was made, it “shifted from economic to military assistance” in western European countries (Foreign Aid). Defense is one of the main priorities in US foreign assistance. The US also has certain goals regarding foreign aid. They always try “rehabilitating the economies of war-devastated countries” in order to bring them back to where they once were and the US also tries “strengthening the military defenses of allies and friends” in order to make sure that poor countries are able to sustain life and have a good government without remaining in poverty for such a long time (Foreign

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