Sandra Day O'Conner

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Sandra Day O’Connor Sandra Day O’Connor had a very unpredictable political opinion. In many of her decisions, it was difficult to decide which side she was on; for or against. Mrs. O’Connor was influential in many monumental rulings on freedom. Mrs. O’Connor was also very influential in cases concerning harassment and discrimination. Even though Mrs. O’Connor did not always vote how women felt she should have, they still considered her to be a great role model. Sandra Day O’Connor’s influence was strong in the Supreme Court on the decision of many cases. Sandra Day O’Connor was one of four justices to rule on the case of Bush v. Gore. This is a case concerning the miscalculations of votes in four counties in the State of Florida.…show more content…
There were a number of votes given for each Presidential candidate and Florida should have stood by it. Sandra Day O’Connor also took a stance on women’s rights and abortion. Mrs. O’Connor’s position on abortion was the most controversial for her. Mrs. O’Connor sided with the majority in 1988 to allow the states to narrow a woman’s right to have an abortion by imposing legal restrictions. This decision came only five years after Mrs. O’Connor disagreed with the Court concerning legalized abortion. Mrs. O’Connor has strived to stay in balance with the Constitution, and her interpretation of it. Mrs. O’Connor voted to uphold the decision of Roe v. Wade: woman’s right to choose. Mrs. O’Connor and four other justices upheld the determination of Roe v. Wade saying it’s the woman’s right to abort prior to viability and restricting abortions after viability unless the woman’s health is in danger. I agree with the opinion that it should be left up to the woman whether or not she is going to abort. However, I do strongly believe that only under extreme circumstances or severe health issues to the fetus or mother, should an abortion even be considered. If a mother does not want the child, there are plenty of people in the United States that would love to adopt it. In Oklahoma a fetus is viable at twenty-three weeks pregnant. In my opinion, the definition of viable begins at conception. A heart beat can be heard beginning at nine
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