Sandra Scoppetino Essay

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Sandra Scoppetino is an American writer from New Jersey best known for the writing of popular crime fiction and young adult novels. The most popular of her novel series are the Lauren Laurano series and the three freestanding novels she wrote in her pseudonym of Jack Early. Born in Morristown, New Jersey, Scoppettone has had a long career that spanned from the early 1960 right to the beginning of the millennium. Sandra was born in 1936 New Jersey at a time when not many women made a name for themselves writing crime fiction. Despite the forbidding environment, she pulled herself literally by her bootstraps to write some of the most popular young adult and crime fiction even if she had to write her crime fiction as Jack Early. Her Jack Early…show more content…
The debut novel in the series was Everything You Have Is Mine that was first published in 1991. Scoppetino writes about Laurano Lauren a short Italian girl in her early forties who is an articulate feminist, articulate, and chocolate loving lesbian in the mold of the author. Lauren is a wisecracking amateur sleuth who packs a pistol as she attempts to resolve several cases in the little village of Greenwich in England. The lead character lives with Kip her longtime lover and psychologist whose family finds it hard to accept their relationship. When a girl is raped, Laurano dives head first into the case to find a family story full of lies. Writing at a lively pace, the novel captures the essence of Greenwich with the characters smart sassy talk and quirky behaviors. In I’ll Be Leaving You Lauren finds herself having to deal with resolving the murder of one of her best friends. Similar to her previous novel, Scoppetoni writes entertaining novels that involve her lead character Laurano working to resolve mysterious murders of her close friends or their loved ones. In other novels such as Lets Face the Music, the tables are turned when her friend becomes the lead suspect in a murder investigation. The narratives are spiced-up with the troubled relationship between Laurano and Kip her girlfriend, which offer insights into lesbian
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