Sandy Hook School Shooting Photo Analysis

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The Photo that I chose was a picture that was taken of the terrified children and teachers holding each other hand in hand after the Sandy Hook School Shooting. Shannon Hicks, a photographer for Channel 4 News, took this picture at 10:09 AM after she arrived on the scene of this massacre. She took the picture, for one because it was her job, and for two she knows that the faces of these children captured the true emotion of what these kids and teachers were feeling at this time. This photo was taken right after the kids and teachers evacuated the schoolrooms in which they were. This photo affected the American public because it cemented in the memories of what happened on that terrible day on December 14th, 2012. This sticks in the publics mind because this was a terribly horrible…show more content…
December 14th, 2012 will always be a date that lives in infamy because of this horrid event that took place at Sandy Hook Middle School and this photo will always. While this photo may not be the best in a photographic element type way this is a greatly morbid
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