Sanjuro's Unearned Suffering

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Moreover, another universal theme is ‘unearned suffering is redemptive’. The theme was depicted in Sanjuro’s character. Nui, the wife of Kohei was hauled from her family and was under the control of Ushitora and Tokuemon again. She hid in a house with six guards. Sanjuro tricked Ushitora where Nui was hidden and was able to persuade him that Nui was taken away by Seibei’s men. Sanjuro killed the six guards and destroyed the house then rescued Nui. Sanjuro’s downfall was when he reunited a family together; he was beaten within an inch of his life by Ushitora’s thugs. It portrays injustice that Sanjuro exhibited self-sacrifice and compassion when he brought back connection to the family yet he was battered despite his kindness. In the nick

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