Santa's Elves Workshop

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“Santa’s elves strike, toy production at an all time low!” Recent complaints of The Big Man not providing a satisfactory workplace environment have surfaced in the North Pole. Many worry how this will affect this year's toy production. And many question whether this is the first incident in Santa’s Workshop, or if the elves have felt this way for years. Appropriate labor laws need to be established at Santa’s workshop in order to protect the rights of elves, keep up toy production, as well as output of Christmas cheer to ensure success on Christmas Eve night. Elves have appeared in stories throughout time as nimble, witty, and cheery characters; it is these qualities that make them perfect their jobs. As learned from the 2003 film Elf, elves…show more content…
Santa’s elves possess extraordinary abilities to check off the christmas lists of all the nice children of the world. The tiny frames and nimble fingers make them ideal for their fast paced work environment. Also their peppy attitudes while completing their grueling task creates an output of “Christmas cheer”, which is essential for the winter seasons operation. Realistically kids do not start sending their letters to Santa until the beginning of December, putting the elves on a time crunch. The elves toy production and cheer output is essential for Santa to be able to complete his mission every year. If the needs of Santa’s workers are not being satisfied by The Big Man you can expect a decrease in toy production and Christmas cheer output. By establishing the rights of elves and maintaining proper labor laws the toy production will continue, and the output of Christmas cheer could increase, spreading more Christmas spirit and joy throughout the…show more content…
Kids and adults alike lay awake on Christmas Eve night, wondering what will left for them under the glimmering Christmas tree. They dream of the toys wrapped in red and green. We’ve all heard the stories of the magical land in the north pole, but we’ve never really seen it. Santa’s Elves have an enormous responsibility to help Santa in i smissino on Christmas Eve night. Without the tireless work of the elves children all over the world would not receive their presents on Christmas, which for some may be the only toy they get all year. By maintaining proper labor laws in Santa's workshop, we can protect the rights of his nimble workers, to keep the Christmas Spirit
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