Sargon II In Khorsabad, Iraq

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The Lamassu from the Citadel of Sargon II in Khorsabad, Iraq represents the theme of lust for power. Sargon II came into power late in his life, which leads scholars to believe that he usurped power from his brother. If this is true, Sargon most likely had a lust for power. The ex-Thunderclan deputy Tigerclaw could be compared to him because they both usurped power. The only difference is Tigerclaw’s actions did not give him the result he wanted. If he did usurp power from Bluestar Thunderclan could have been strengthened and expanded or the clan could have been driven to the ground. Tigerclaw would have done whatever he could to exercise and show his power.
The Assyrian king Sargon II wanted to show the world his power and authority so he …show more content…

This was done by putting the Lamassu throughout his citadel. The animals that make up the Lammasu are animals significant to Assyria because they represent strength and power. These animals include a lion and bull. Having the king’s human head with the body of a winged lion/bull showed that he had the characteristics represented by the animals. The size of the Lamassu also was used to communicate his power. Sargon’s lust for power was also shown by his military campaigns. During his rule, Sargon was beset with many rebellions. He violated treaties and used his wealth to fund his army. These rebellions led to Sargon conquering more areas. His citadel and statues of Lamassu were used to demonstrate his power to the people of his city. Since the city was made up mostly of war prisoners and deportees it was important to show a strong sense of power. Having the Lammasu show his power demonstrated that his power and himself were protected by the spirits because they were also used used as guardian figures. Gaining power and spreading his empire was Sargon’s main concern and by using the Lamassu he signified his lust for power and …show more content…

His tomb was found in a secret spot in the royal burial ground of kings called the Valley of the Kings. King Tutankhamun’s tomb features his coffin which has three layers. Also, in the tomb other objects of value were found. In the innermost one you can find his golden sarcophagus. His sarcophagus along with the other objects were found untouched. It features him holding a crook and flail which were symbols of a king’s right to rule. The coffin is made out of nearly 240 pounds of gold and inlaid with enamel and semiprecious stones. The materials were used to show the theme of importance of power and authority and also wealth. Using these materials in the tombs and by putting other objects representing wealth provided for the ka. Ka is what is left of your soul once you die. The ka makes its way back to your body and lives out eternal life doing regular activities. Gold is a material used to show wealth in modern times and to the kings in Egypt it was used to indicate power, wealth, and authority. When you see gold you associate it with something of importance or someone of importance. When you see King Tut’s sarcophagus the bright gold is the first identifier. This means that the first thing you were supposed to recognize about him was his great wealth, power, and

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