Satire And Humor In Billy Wilder's Classic Sabrina

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Many of the greatest directors and producers started as writers like best known director Billy Wilder who directs the classic Sabrina. Wilder was known for movies with satire, melodrama, and humor. He wrote to show the reality of the Hollywood industry and the world itself. Sabrina partakes film star Audrey Hepburn as Sabrina Fairchild, costars Humphrey Bogart as Linus Larrabee, and William Holden as David Larrabee. The opening scene for Sabrina begins with an extreme long shot of a large house. Character Sabrina begins telling us a story. A cut is made to a long shot of a beautiful garden then to an extreme long shot of a boating dock. A pan shot of the indoor and outdoor swimming pools comes after. The next edit is to a medium shot of a …show more content…

He was one of the many critics to review the film Sabrina on September 23 1954. I agree much with what he had to say about the film. The movie had humor, romance, and commentary on the social class. Billy Wilder’s focus on movies was shown throughout his work. Crowther had said “For “Sabrina”-we might as well say it and get to over with, now-is, in our wistful estimation, the most delightful comedy-romance in years.” (Crowther 1954). I was not around during the time Sabrina had been released but had I been, I would have to approve with Crowther to say Sabrina was a great romance-comedy movie. The film brings attention to the social class in the 1950’s as Crowther comments “And its deftly sophisticated plotting of the ways of a man with a maid…” (Crowther 1954). Crowther brings forward the message of the social note because it’s frowned upon for a wealthy man to be with a lower class woman. Director Billy Wilder knew what was frowned upon and brought it to attention anyway and this is what made him stand out. I didn’t see too much social commentary in this particular film. I saw more romance and comedy more than anything throughout the film. I can see where Crowther had seen the social issue but in my opinion I think it was limited in the film. Wilder’s career hit over sixty films for more than fifty years. Samuel “Billy” Wilder was one of the greatest directors of all

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