Essay on Satires in We and Master and Margarita

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During Russia’s transition to communism in the early 20th century, conflict and unease permeated every part of life. Nothing was stable and very little of what the Bolsheviks had fought for had come to fruition by the time the USSR disbanded in 1991. The “classless society”, which was to work together for the prosperity of everyone, never became a reality. In the end, the majority of Russia’s 20th century was an utter failure on a grand scale. However, there were many amazing products of the system do to the great importance of education in Russian culture. Priceless novels were written, timeless movies were made, and great scientific endeavors were realized despite the rigid control placed upon Russian persons by the government. In …show more content…

His method is rather subtle and might not initially be recognized as satire without some knowledge of both the author and Russia at the time of the novel’s creation.
Zamyatin starts the book with D-503 excitedly explaining his current project, the INTEGRAL, and why exactly it and his records are so important. On page 3 for instance, D-503 quotes the newspaper’s morning announcement:
A thousand years ago your heroic forebears subjugated the whole of planet Earth to the power of OneState. It is for you to accomplish an even more glorious feat: by means of the glass, the electric, the fire-breathing INTEGRAL to integrate the indefinite equation of the universe. It is for you to place the beneficial yoke of reason round the necks of the unknown beings who inhabit other planets---still living, it may be, in the primitive state known as freedom. If they will not understand that we are bringing them a mathematically infallible happiness, we shall be obliged to force them to be happy.
This state of mind can certainly be compared to the very early days of the revolution, which Zamyatin involved himself quite willingly, before the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks split and began to fight one another. When they fought as a group against the tsar and aristocracy, they were adamant that everyone should be like them, should

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