Essay about Satisfying the Community While Remaining True to Self

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Every job in a community is designed to serve the community as a whole. With people like bank tellers who make deposits and withdraw money for customers, doctors and surgeons who work to cure patients, and teachers who make a living by aiding their students in education, it is easy to see how these citizens are of service to their community. But how do these men and women who faithfully assist and provide for their community retain their individuality? How are these people able to satisfy their interest while also satisfying the interests of the community? Take Ruston High School for example. At Ruston High School (RHS), students are encouraged to be actively involved members of the RHS student body. In the meantime, teachers inspire …show more content…

Though it was hard for Jesus to give his life (Matthew 26:39), Jesus knew he had to sacrifice himself for the sake of the world. Jesus was able to fill that place because his ultimate goal (to save us from our sins) lined up with that of his father, which in turn saved the world. In John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, the “Weedpatch” government camp was a very structured community. In the weedpatch, there was a “camp committee” that led the residents of the camp – they were essentially the camp’s government, or backbone (286). To contribute to the camp, weedpatch natives were asked to perform common chores like “carrying the garbage” or “keeping the camp clean” (287). However, citizens of the camp had to provide for their families as well. They were able to do that by “…workin’ an’ gettin’ [their] pay…” (291). The main goal of the weedpatch government camp was to allow camp civilians to have a safe and clean home while getting back on their feet. Therefore, when these residents found jobs and were able to provide for their families, the goals of the individual and the community were aligned. Jesus Christ and residents of the weedpatch government camp represent one’s contribution to society by one’s goals lining up with those of society. The individual can remain true to himself while still contributing to his community by staying firm in his morals and not being willing to sacrifice them. This idea is especially true in today’s time.

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