Satni-Khamose And The Afterworld Analysis

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According to the story, “Satni-khamose And The Afterworld”, it talks about a young boy, Satni-Khamose, lived with his father in a house in Thebes which is in the West Gate of the city. One day, there was two funerals passing by Satni and his father. One funeral was a rich man with mourners and many fortunes and offerings, the other one was a poor man who had no one following him and was wrapped in a single garment. Furthermore, Satni’s father said, “I hope when I die my funeral will be like the rich man.” However, the young boy said, “he would rather have a funeral like the poor man.” Because Satni was a young twelve years old magician, he took his father hand and drew him to Abydos, North of Thebes, where there is a entry into the Afterworld.

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