Scarey Emotions from the Oil Painting Joseph Sturge’ by the Artist ‘Alexander Rippingille’

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In this essay am going to talk about an oil painting called ‘Joseph Sturge’ by an artist ‘Alexander

Rippingille’. ‘Joseph Sturge’ is a businessperson, English Quaker, abolitionist, activist and leader

of the ‘Birmingham Anti- Slavery Sociality’ created in ‘1826’. ‘Joseph Sturge’ worked in ‘radical

political’ actions supporting the pacifism, working class right and finally universal emancipation of

slaves. Year 1830 ‘Joseph Sturge’ published books that contained information about apprenticeship

system in Jamaica this helped persuade the British parliament to adopt an earlier full emancipation

date. Finally, he would find villages free with ‘Baptists’ to provide the living area for free slaves.

It was the positioning of the
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One of the female

statures represent peace hold a drove and an a live branch, with a lamb at her feet and symbolic of

innocence. The other female statue represents the charity offering comfort and succour to two Afro-

Caribbean infants, recalling the fight and victory over slavery. Joseph Sturges name and date of

death on. You can see that the bible is in the painting on the right by his arm also on the statue this

suggests that where ever he goes the bible comes with him because of his strong faith with god.

Finally the bible is on the statue to show people that he carried it all the time with him.

The contrast of the painting is very

brightly coloured on the man. I

think this is trying to suggest Joseph

Sturge is more important because he

is very bright this means people will

look at Joseph Sturge first before

the black person.

In 1826 ‘Joseph Sturge’ was the ‘secretary’ of the new ‘Anti-Slavery in Birmingham’ and he

became influenced in a man called ‘James Cropper’. The reason he was so strong because he has a

strong ‘Christian faith’ this is want drove him to have good efforts. When he was working in the

Anti Slavery Society his first ever task was to change the society to the attitude of abolitionists.

Joseph Sturge shows that no mercy is to be done to stop preparation of slaves gradually having


In those days people in the country was asked if they would ‘promote’ and
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