Mental Health Scenario Essay

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Promoting Individual Health

The aim of this plan is to maintain and promote Molly’s mental health as she goes through an important and potentially difficult postpartum period of her life, where her mental state is more vulnerable to possible decline. It is important for Molly to remain mentally stable and well during this period because any deterioration in her mental health can have serious, negative effects on her new child’s development, both in the short and long term. This plan outlines the factors that can affect Molly’s mental health, identifies needs and risks and lists possible interventions to address those needs and risks.

Molly is a thirty-year old married woman with a three-year old son. She has become a mother again, …show more content…

- To encourage Molly to engage in local community based groups for mothers and young children.
- To provide Molly with contact details and information of appropriate agencies should she begin to feel overwhelmed.

Anticipated outcome
- For Molly to feel supported and be able to effectively cope during the periods when her husband is away.

Responsible H.C.P.
- G.P.
- Health visitor

3) Identified Problem/Need

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