Scenes Of A Crime: Interrogation And Confessions

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Interrogation and Confessions Scenes of A Crime is a documentary that exposes the flaws in police interrogations and the destructive aftermaths that follows. The entire story revolves around one man named Adrian Thomas accused of murdering his four-month year old baby. The documentary shows how the police failed determine to correct cause of death, and witch hunt by police the ensued after. The police used a number of inapposite techniques to pressure Adrian to confess to murder. The police should have recognized Adrian was showing a number of personal risk factors that if properly identified by authorities could have avoided this miscarriage of justice. These personal factors include his inexperience of the judicial system, extreme stress and shock, and a lack of sleep and food. The police should have identified a number of situational risk factors that lead to his confession. Such factors like, conformation biases and use of the Reid technique. Before the police started pressing Adrian for answers they should have recognized a number of factors already effecting Adrian before the interview. Such as the psychological state Adrian was in when the interview started. He was in a state of shock and extremely emotional, which the police saw as him being deceptive. Not only does that make the police more suspicious, but also Reid trained officer develop more confrontational and persuasive tactics (source 1). A study showed that investigators, who expected the suspect to be

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