Schindler 's List Of The World War 2

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Schindler 's List Comp 1 Thursday Class Anthony Verde 10/9/14 Since the 20th century began, it has given rise to many great writers, producers, actors, and directors. The things we have been able to accomplish and create thanks to these people are films that will storm through the times never ceasing to amaze their audiences. While countless movies have been filmed, there are 100 great movies voted by the film association, and among these amazing movies is Schindler 's List. What makes Schindler 's List such an amazing movie is Oscar Schindler 's life, World War 2, and how it was all brought together by Steven Spielberg.n Oskar Schindler was born in 1908 in the city of Zwittau, Moravia, which at the time was a German province of the Austro-Hangarian Empire. Having grown up with his parents, Han Schindler, and Louisa Schindler, Oskar attended attended a German speaking school where he had many friends with two being the sons of a rabbi. Oskars Father, Han Schindler was a factory owner which specialized in farm equipment. When Oskar wasn 't in school he would help his father sell farm equipment. Oskars mother, Louisa Schindler, was a homemaker. Oskar also had a younger sister, Elfriede Schindler, he was fairly close to despite the difference in age. While Oskar was popular as a child he didn 't do well in school. In the 1920 's Oskar mainly worked with his father selling farm machinery but in 1928 his relationship with his father began to
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