Schizophrenia - 'Split Mind'

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Schizophrenia – “split mind”

Schizophrenia (in Greek split mind) is marked by delusions, hallucinations, illusions, distorted perceptions of reality, normal verses abnormal, and a “split” between thought and emotion. Schizophrenia troubles one percent of the world’s population, making it the most common psychosis. Approximately two million Americans suffer from this illness in one year and roughly half of all the people admitted to mental hospitals are schizophrenic. Many symptoms appear to be related to problems with selective attention. People also find it difficult to focus on one item of information at a time, have no contact with others, and a breakdown of personal habits.

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Lisa is a 30 year old women and mother of four children. She has had some various worries for quite some time, but has not sought professional help. Through out the past few months she has grown unhappy, it has gotten so bad the family doctor suggested she seek psychological help. She has been experiencing repetitive thoughts which have centered on her children’s safety. On one occasion she imagined that her son broke his leg playing football at

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