School Bells In High School

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School Bells
I can remember back when you didn’t have to worry about college, girls, prom, and all of the other irrelevant stuff that goes on in high school. When I was in elementary, I worried about stuff like being funny or having as many friends as possible. I wanted to be the very best in your class so I became the teachers pet. I got to experience that more than other kids.
Growing up in different schools is where I learned to really fit in and learn to socialize. In elementary school, I was popular with good grades and was almost every teacher’s favorite. The only downside was moving every three years. When I was a kid, I made better bonds with people than I do as a teenager in high school. I remember one kid that was more like a brother to me than my actual brother was. His name was Tyler Tolman. He was about a year older than me, but still in the same grade as I was. We met when I was in fourth grade in Mrs. McPikes class. After we started school together, he got the nerve to ask if he wanted to be friends with me. I wasn’t so sure, but when I found out that he was friends with everyone, I said to myself “If I become friends with this person, then I am going to be even more popular than I already am.” Basically I was going to use this kid to be cooler and better. However, after I hung out with this kid for a couple of days, I noticed there was something special about him. We had so much in common and we did all of the same things. He was truly my best friend.

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