Essay about The Big Move to College

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The Big Move to College

Moving away from home has been one of the biggest challenges that I have had to face so far in the eighteen years of my life. Moving from my home town to the collge dorm was a difficult transition that was necessary for growing up both mentally and physically as an individual. The little more than five hundred miles that separates me from my friends and family has allowed me to become the person I am today, and the distance allows me to grow and become more familiar with things that are a whole new experience for me. One of the many new things that I have had to deal with was making new friends in my environment.

As I drove away from my house on the morning of August 20th 2005, not only was I saying
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Although I hated to see her go, I knew that I would never branch out and meet new people with my mother present. As we said goodbye, the tears swelled up in her eyes and it seemed like the harder she tried to prevent the tears from falling; the faster they streamed down her cheek. Eventually my mom got back into her car and began the long trip home. There I was, alone in the middle of the street outside of my dorm. I walked back into Cowden, up the flight of stairs and into my dorm room in a trance.

For the next few days, I was alone in my room until my roommate, Emily, one of my closest friends from high school arrived. Until Emily arrived, I kept the door to our room shut and barely went out into the hall. I felt as though I was alone in the world until Emily called my cell phone and informed me she was here. I ran down and helped her bring all of her belongings up the stairs and I was relieved that she was here with me. I finally was not alone in this world. We had been told numerous times that rooming together would be a bad idea because we would hang out only with each other, and we would not meet anyone new at school. For the first few days Emily was there, we didn’t talk to anyone else and I began to think that the warnings we had received were going to be true. Everything changed when we left our door open for an hour around dinnertime.

Two people walked up and down the hall asking everyone if they wanted to go to
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