School Should Be A Place Of Unification Between People And Religion

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Ideally, school should be a place of unification between people and religion where students can grow into one society. In reality, students turn against, and this disables classmates to bring tout the best of a person. School becomes a fighting ground between religion freedoms in rights as a response to the outrage of the students. The First Amendment preserves the freedom of religion and speech, but people are being restricted of their religious rights. The founding fathers of America tried to create a Constitution where no religion is persecuted. Public displays of faith are limited, fearing of retribution by other beliefs and the Government. The Government tries to give equal rights, not power, to different beliefs in assumption of a…show more content…
history is built on ‘freedom of religion, not freedom from religion’” (March, 6). An oppression of a dominant religion contradicts the First amendment of freedom of religion, but a “minor” faith is allowed to gain equal influence over Americans as a superior church has. No one, even Government, can take away someone’s right of faith; however, they can build on an existing religion. This will allow any church to become as important as the predominant religion. A belief cannot be forced to accept other social aspects to allow free will and choice. President Kennedy’s Speech assured, “[he] believes in a President whose religious views are his own private affair, neither imposed by him upon the nation or by the nation up as a condition to holding the office” (Kennedy, 9). President Kennedy’s religion is his own private affair; he cannot use his faith to influence the works of the government. In the same way, he cannot use his position of power to influence his church. Voters should not elect a candidate because of the religion he chooses to follow. There cannot be an election between Christianity and Muslims or Islam and atheism. If this type election took place, the dominating church impose other the citizens to either fully convert other to the leading religion or change their belief to match the particular faith. Pope Francis refers to devotees of a specific belief “We know that no religion is immune from forms of individual
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