School Vouchers Essay

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School Vouchers

School vouchers can be described as financial funding given to students who elect not to attend public schools. Therefore the government would not be spending money educating that student in a public school. A school voucher is the allotment of money that the government would have used for that student to attend public school. This money is then given to the family of the student to help fund the education of that student. This money cannot be used for anything other than education. There are many sides to take and many opinions to be had. It is very clear that the prospect of school vouchers is an issue to be debated. Some people feel that if they are not using the government’s form of education then they should
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By creating the opportunity for students to go to any school they choose, all schools would have to strive to be the best. Schools that did not provide an education that was up to par would flounder. This competition could drive the quality of education to an all-time high, which would greatly benefit the students. Also, creating a choice in which school to attend would increase diversity in the classroom (Helping Leaders”). In allowing students to attend private schools with much more ease, there would be a mixing of ethnicity, religion, intelligence, and any number of other variables found in the student population. Not only would this facilitate the learning of ‘soft skills’, but also allow students more life experience by interacting with students unlike themselves. Granting school vouchers may not be a completely positive action.

There are also negative points with the decision of granting school vouchers. Most private schools are affiliated with a specific religion. Therefore, the government would be violating the 1st Amendment of the Constitution by providing funding for students to attend that school (Messerli). The Constitution states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. This separates the government from any religion, either by assisting it or by preventing it. Giving money to students choosing to attend religious schools could be construed as aiding that religion, thereby violating
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