Schools Need To Be Responsible For The Protection Of Children In Schools

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Schools need to be responsible for the protection of kids while in school. In the court case, Morrow versus Balaski (Daniell 133)the US court of appeals for the third circuit explained that “school children are never in full custody of the school because they remain primarily dependent on their parents... but others argue that the relationship between schools and children is special (since children are required to attend school) (Daniell 134). “Although courts have not extended the special relationship exception to the no Duty rule in school settings there is the second exception of that would impose a duty and on school districts to protect students from violence.”(Daniell 134). School districts should be required to protect students from Intruders. They should also be better equipped to help students in a trauma scenario. Teachers should be required to be educated on how to help students in an emergency. Not every kid has a safe environment at home, if they can't be safe at school either, then where can they?
Teachers need to be trained how to handle various types of emergencies such as health and attacker incidents. Teachers should be CPR certified along with trauma and other emergencies. Teachers are required to review basic first aid and CPR, Suicide Prevention, and emergency procedures, but this is not enough. Teachers need to be able to deal with the problem till emergency personnel arrives. The article, (FBI's View to Improve Survival in Active Shooter Events),

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