Science And Mathematics Of Engineering Course

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The choice, itself, to study business that is, was an effort in mere practicality. Taking note of bleak outlook of the financial standing of liberal arts majors and the rigors of advanced science and mathematics of engineering course work, I quickly chose business as my course of study. This schooling could provide me with the foundations of starting and maintaining a financial enterprise of my own, an economic engine to drive my progeny in to prosperity. It may take a great idea, product, or invention to spark the genesis of a company; however it is business savvy which allows them to become long lasting institutions rather than an economic “flash in the pan.” It was also along this line of thinking that lead me further into specifying my business discipline to accounting. Management seemed too awash in gray areas to hold my focus. The Impossibilities of quantifying effects of concepts, for instance synergy, which relates that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, boggled my mind and seemed futile to study from a text book. Finance attracted me initially, since its basis was numbers and I am somewhat mathematically inclined, but I quickly realized that there wasn’t much concrete in finance. Most of it is based on projections. Marketing held my attention the longest. I‘ve spent countless hours trying to understand just how the marketing man has mesmerized me with his commercials. There are at least 20 whose scripts I could recite verbatim at a moment’s notice.

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