Science Is A Powerful Way For Us

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EDUC 5197: ASSIGNMENT ESSAY WORD COUNT: 1561 WORDS Science is a powerful way for us to explain how things around us work. But why is it so important for students to study science? Science is everywhere and understanding how it is part of our lives and how it plays a significant role in our lives can assist students in having a solid foundation for success in the future. The rationale of the Australian Curriculum: Science defines science as ‘dynamic collaborative and creative human endeavour arising from our desire to make sense of our world through exploring the unknown, investigating universal mysteries, making predictions and solving problems’ (ACARA, 2012) The Australian Curriculum: Science supports problem solving, curiosity, …show more content…

It is equally important to relate the students’ learning to a real world context that is meaningful, in order for students to really take in the key concepts that are being taught. This is why science is often seen as an endless frontier, however for some students it seems just plain endless. Many students do not have a high interest in science or positive beliefs which gives them the impression that there is no end to the science class and cannot wait for the lesson to be over. There are numerous strategies that teachers can use to aim at, not only to engage students in lessons but also to helping build a more positive pattern of interests and beliefs. Before we can discuss specific strategies and approaches to teaching, it needs to be noted that within context based subjects, like science there has been a move into a constructivist approach that is highlighting the active role of the students. Constructivist approaches to learning have been influential in shaping how teachers approach to teaching and learning in science classrooms. (Dawson, 2012) Learning is seen as the construction of personal meaning and once students are in the classroom, the learning is just an extension of this where ideas are developed from the students’ active engagement and also through scaffolding. Learning should not be theoretical process where students learn by going through a textbook, instead

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