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“Science in the Media” Project
In the movie Back to the Future part II, Dock goes to Marty’s house and parks his flying car in Marty’s driveway. Just before they leave to head off into the future, Doc rummages through Marty’s trash. In there he finds waded up paper bags, a banana peel, and a partially filled beer can. Doc then inserts the trash that he finds into the top of the engine component of his flying car. Immediately after doing so, they hover off into the future. This particular scene in Back to the future basically communicates that a vehicle such as Docs car, can use organic waste as fuel and that it can do so immediately after placing trash into its engine component. While it would be extremely convenient and cost effective for society to be able to walk into their garage, grab some trash and place it into their vehicles as fuel, and be able to be on the road in real time, the idea is not in fact completely real and is partially science fiction. There is a scientific process known as gasification “ a process for converting garbage into fuel and electricity without incinerating it” Bullis (2009). This must take place in order for everything to work. This process is timely and requires spacious waste management facilities before a usable product is produced. The first thing to do is to separate the usable organic trash from the non-usable waste. Organic usable trash is considered to be carbon based and will work in converting to fuel. Once all organic materials

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