Scientific Method Research Paper

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Scientific method is used to solve empirical problems and discover empirical truth in an empirical pattern. The scientific method involves several steps, the first step is observing or asking question, second step is forming a hypothesis, third step is testing the hypothesis or experimenting, fourth step is confirm or disconfirm the hypothesis. In the simplest terms, scientific method is a process of trial and error. To give a concise example consider vehicle repair. Every weekend handyman, or every high school student with a passing interest in autos knows about the method of trial and error. If your car is starting to run poorly, and you take matters into your own hands in an attempt to fix it. The first step is to guess the nature of the problem for example faulty emission or low brake fluid. Acting on your instinct, you proceed to exchange a part, adjust a setting, or replace a fluid, and then see if the car runs better. If your initial guess is incorrect and the car is not improved, you revise your guess, make another adjustment, and once again test the car. With patience and enough guesses, this process will often result in an operable car. However, depending on one's …show more content…

You may be hesitant to think that the clumsy process of trial and error is identical to the scientific method, if only because science is so often masked in complexity and jargon. Yet there is no fundamental difference. It might seem that scientists start with a more detailed understanding of their problem than the weekend car mechanic, but in fact most scientific inquiries have humble and ignorant beginnings. Progress can occur just as assuredly via trial and error as in traditional science, and the scientist isn't guaranteed of success any more than is the handyman: witness the failure to develop a vaccine for

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