Why The Cswe And The Nasw View Research

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1) Discuss why the CSWE and the NASW view research as important to our profession. Be thorough in your answer The CSWE and the NASW view research as important to our profession because social workers must use research to advise and support their interventions, thus social workers are held accountable to acquire the knowledge and skills to help all our clients. In regards to research, the CSWE has two policy statements that social worker must adhere by: “applying critical thinking to inform and communicate professional judgement and engage in research-informed practice and practice informed research”. These policies ensure that social workers have a basic understanding of research, and how we as social workers can apply research to our …show more content…

The scientific method employs research to come up with an conclusion, thus the other four ways of knowing having many discrepancies. 4) What are the main characteristics of the scientific method? Write in your own words There are four main characteristics of the scientific method: observation/measurements, make an assumption, test the assumption, and revise the assumption. The first stage we make an observations. For instance, I notice that my peppers in my garden are not growing well. I am going to assume this is because I did not water that area well enough. So I am now going to test my assumption. This is done by watering the peppers in my garden more frequently. Lastly, I am going to see if my assumption was correct. If my peppers only needed more water, they will begin to grow more rapidly. It is also possible that my assumption was wrong, and that my peppers were getting enough water; however, there could be something wrong with the soil, temperature, etc. These are the four main characteristics of the scientific method; it is important to note that our assumptions sometimes be wrong, thus it is always important that we test our assumptions to make sure we are correct. 5) (1) What are the characteristics that social work researchers must possess?(2)

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