Scientific Research Paper: Gravity and Mass

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Throwing a ball in the air is a simple task, but this simple task has many important scientific factors involved. Science plays role in everything we do even if we don’t think about it. Lots of these things are in our lives and we don’t even acknowledge them on a daily basis. We know they are there, but don’t really think about them just let them do their thing. When something is flying through the air the number of factors at work is remarkable. Factors such as weight, wind, mass, and gravity all affect a ball and its flight when thrown in the air. The first scientific factor involved is mass. Mass is simply the amount of matter a certain object contains, but what is matter? Matter is anything that can be touched physically or takes up …show more content…

In addition to depending on the amount of mass, gravity also depends on how far you are from something. If you are far away from something its pull won’t have its full effect on you. If this were not the case the moon would be pulled down and crash into our planet and we would die. When we throw a ball up in the air when it is at its peak it will have a lesser pull from the earth then when it is only a few feet off the ground. Weight is the third scientific factor; however it goes right off gravity. Weight is the amount of gravitational pull on an object. For the reason that weight of an object depends on the strength of the pull on that object on the moon the object would weigh less than it does on earth. Again with weight the farther the object is the less it will weigh since the pull will be weaker. As the ball is accelerating upward its weight and gravity will be pulling at it and slow down its acceleration and eventually its speed until it causes it to start falling; as it is falling gravity will keep pulling causing it to fall faster and faster until it hits the ground.
The aerodynamics of the ball being thrown will greatly affect the flight of the ball. Aerodynamics is the way air moves around an object. In our case the object would be the ball, the air moving around it as it rises into the sky will slow the ball due to air resistance. Well-designed objects can manipulate the air making it use

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