Scrooge Character Analysis

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Scrooge is very angry, rude, unfriendly character. Scrooge’s cruel actions to most others are unkind, especially when it’s about Christmas. The bitterness drive in Scrooge against Christmas is very strong. Scrooge also hates things such as love, happiness, generosity, and regards them as irrational until such time that a rightful trio of ghosts came to set him right. Charles Dickens paints him as an old businessman, with a ring of frosty white hair on his head, a pointed nose, red eyes, thin eyebrows, and a wiry chin. Scrooge is so cold inside, it makes his lips blue, the tip of his nose strawberry red. The book describes him as hard and sharp as flint, self-contained, and solitary like an oyster. He is also described as a greedy man. One last feature is his shrew, grating voice, and on page 1 of the 1st Stave, Charles writes “. . . no wind that blew, blew bitterer than he, no falling snow more intent upon its purpose. . . ” . Scrooge can be a very unfriendly person if you are in his company during the holidays.
Scrooge tells the first of the three spirits that visited him in person looks like a cross between a kid and an old man, or a grandpa. “The Ghost of Christmas Past,” and the spirit is illustrated as a ghost whose appearance is constantly changing. So one minute he has two legs, the next he has eighteen, or he has a head, then he’s the Headless Horseman. Furthermore, he has a light emanating from the top of his head, and it is effervescent. The book says he has

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