Scrooge Speech

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Scrooge returns to the home of Jacob Marley, where Marley’s ghost tells him that he is going to have three ghosts visit him in the near future. The ghosts will give Scrooge an opportunity to reform himself. The text explicitly states that Scrooge was a tight fisted hand at the grindstone. Moreover, he was a squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous, matured sinner! Accordingly, his self-contained personality made him solitary as an oyster. In the text, it states, that Scrooge did not want to donate money to the poor since he could better use the money for himself. Scrooge declined to even to let his clerk have a day off for Christmas! The text explicitly said “it was a day that his clerk was allowed to rob him!” Scrooge finally agreed to let him have the day off with half pay. Scrooge’s catchphrase was “Bah!Humbug!’’.

Scrooge earns the ghost of Christmas past come visit him first. The first stop they bring about is looking at his gloomy childhood. Soon after he tells the ghost that earlier in the evening that he should have given the child and elder a coin for caroling. The second stop they lead to is when he spent a Christmas vacation at school and his sister finally picked him up. We also learn right after this that his sister is now dead and his nephew is her son. Stop three is about how hard he partied with his friends. Later he earn the meaning...his clerk might have wanted to do this, but couldn't due to Scrooge. Then they

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