The Mystery Of The Rare Male Sea Monkey By Nadia Drake

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Article Report The article that we read was called The Mystery of the Rare Male Sea Monkey by Nadia Drake. The rough idea of this article was how the female Sea Monkeys(brine shrimp) reproduced asexually and how the male Sea Monkeys couldn’t breed with their own kind. So, as a result, the male shrimp breed with different species resulting in hybrid offspring. It also compared shrimp that breed asexually and another that bred sexually. The vocabulary words found in the article were asexual, chromosome, and DNA. Asexual was used when explaining how the female sea monkeys reproduce. Chromosome was used when they explained that when an asexual lineage emerges, it gains an extra set of chromosomes. Finally, DNA was used when it said that for asexual …show more content…

For example, the Sea Monkey females don’t breed with males, making the males go and breed with other species, creating hybrids. Also, it gave an example, involving both asexual and sexual reproductive shrimp. The results of that were only that half of the sexual population can produce eggs, while every individual in the asexual one can. This basically means that it won’t be too soon before the asexual population dominates over the other. This article related to current unit topics because right now we are talking about cell reproduction and something that is involved in that is Mitosis. In the article it mentioned how more DNA is needed to be built with double the amount of chromosomes from the asexual reproduction. Currently, we are learning about how in order for the cells to split, they need to copy the DNA to the chromosomes. Well, with double the amount of chromosomes, copying all that DNA to each is a very difficult task. Another example is with chromosomes, now with sexual reproduction a set of chromosomes is needed from both the mother and father, but in the case of asexual reproduction and the Sea Monkeys, the females just combine two of the eggs, making it have enough chromosomes to

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