Seamus Heaney Out Of Shot

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The three poems that highlight Seamus Heaney’s response to the modern world unequivocally are entitled: ‘Anything Can Happen’, ‘Helmet’, and ‘Out of Shot’. ‘Anything Can Happen’ has four quatrains with each line structured around ten syllables. Adding to this structure, the poem is constructed of eight sentences and a singular rhetorical question. In contrast, ‘Helmet’ is a poem that consists of seven tercets with a high use of enjambed lines. The poem, also, has two main sections: the first ends in the use of an ellipsis and the second with a full stop. In further contrast, ‘Out of Shot’ is a sonnet without a rhyme scheme. It is a singular sentence separated by the use of a semicolon and an em dash. As obvious in these three poems, Seamus
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