Search Engines : Causes And Consequences Of The European Union

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Under the European union(EU) the right to be forgotten is a way for citizen to “delink” themselves from there history. For instance, if that citizen had a house foreclosed on or committed a minor crime. The citizen could ask that the information no longer link to their name in a search engine. The information would still be available on the original website.
“Search engines and free speech advocates, calling the ruling vague and overbroad, warned of dire consequences for free expression and the historical record if the right to be forgotten was widely enacted. Now, they say, their fears are being realized.” [Manjoo 2015]. The EU would not allow people to change historical records. Also, according to Manjoo, 99% of the links removed where …show more content…

Most companies nowadays look people up on the internet before they hire you. They may just do a simple Google search, and pull up all the information online about you. This right would help people who have make small mistakes in their past by not allowing these mistakes to showing up when the companies did this search.
The rule for ‘delinking’ information, a search engine must ‘delink’ information available via a web search at the request of the individual involved if that individual can show they are being misrepresented by the search results (that is, those results are no longer accurate or relevant). For example, a person may wish to remove information about old financial matter or misdeeds they committed as a minor. If the request is approved, the information will remain online at the original site, but will no longer come up under certain search engine queries.
“Social contract theory say that people live together in society in accordance with an agreement that establishes moral and political rules of behavior” [UT Austin]. Looking at the rule above, social contact theory would follow the rule because it follows the difference principle. The overall effect of the rule allows the most benefit to the least advantaged. This rule would benefit people, and would allow people to do better for themselves. This rule would also be a limited right,

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