Seaworld : The Killer Whales

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FACT FINDING AT SEAWORLD 3 The Killer Whales 13 OCT 2015: At SeaWorld, travel agent winners Sandy Mclary, Gary Hill and Kailey Lockhart, accompanied by SeaWorld’s Randy Anger and I, headed over to the Shamu Stadium for perhaps the most anticipated segment of our fact-finding visit ‘Behind the Scenes at SeaWorld.’ First we watched the show. ‘One Ocean’ is a spectacular combination of energy, rhythm, music, colour and exhilarating fun. If you don’t mind getting drenched sit in the Soak Zone – we chose drier seating - but clearly there were lots in the audience more adventurous, and the Soak Zone which comprises of the front rows to the sides of the tank, was full. The Killer Whales, or Orcas, are sleek, beautiful and amazingly graceful for such massive creatures. They perform balletic leaps singly and in perfectly coordinated group synchronization, seemingly with enjoyment, taking cues - and rewards - from their trainers and displaying an almost human sense of humour by regularly splashing waves of water into the audience seated in the appropriately named ‘Soak Zone.’ Later, we walked over to the Dolphin Theatre to take in ‘Blue Horizons.’ This is a remarkable, theatrical style spectacular show which features dolphins, tropical birds (flying unrestrictedly within the open air theatre) and acrobats. Unlike One Ocean, in Blue Horizons trainers actually get in the pool to swim with the dolphins. It reminded me a little of a cirque du soleil performance, but perhaps that’s unfair,

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