Secession: The Natural Law to All People Essay

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What is secession? The definition is the act of withdrawal. This can mean a country such as Germany withdrawing from the European Union, or a state or states withdrawing from the United States. This can also be broken down into a withdrawal of counties from a state or even a town from a county. This can even be broken down into an individual act of secession, an individual withdrawing from the government. Within this essay I intended to show that not only is secession legal but also that it is a natural law that is imbued to all people. I will also touch on secession within the United States as well as in the rest of the world. I will also show that the Constitution allows for the secession of the states as well.

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The Constitution which was set before the people of the States in the year of 1787. This required nine States to ratify it for it to go into effect. With New Hampshire being the ninth state to ratify the constitution on June 21st 1788, the nine States to ratify the Constitution seceded from a perpetual union that they had created more than 10 years before. This left the remaining four States to either join them under the new Constitution, create a new union, or stay under the Articles of Confederation. As we all know the remaining four States ratified the Constitution shortly there after. Virginia, New York, and Rhode Island declared in their ordinances of ratification that, being sovereign states, they individually reserved the right to secede, and they asserted this right for the other states. This did not have to be asserted, since everyone knew that secession was an action available to an American state. The States Seceded from the Articles of Confederation to form a more “perfect union.” This was pure and simply a secession from a perpetual union that came without violence. This secession was done without a legal means from which to withdrawal from the Articles of Confederation. Without a legal means aside from unanimous consent to withdrawal or alter the Articles, the founders showed that secession was a tool to be used to disband the bonds of

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