Second Amendment On Bear Arms

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Second Amendment: Right to Bear Arms In the second amendment we are given the right to bear arms, but in the world we live in today people are starting to question this right. In my opinion I believe we should have the right to bear arms, but with more restrictions than we have today. We were first given this right when we were fighting for our independence from Great Britain. No one ever knew when the British were coming, except Paul Revere of course, so we were given the right to keep rifles and such in our homes for protection in these instances. On the other hand though, we have the idea of a repeat of Shay’s rebellion. The government is becoming less and less popular as the years go on. The millennials of today believe that if they all stand up together that something will get changed. With this years’ election there were so many young people outraged at the fact that Donald Trump won. This to me sounds like a spark of something bad. Mostly the people voting for Trump were the ones wanting to keep guns in their homes but with the people who were upset about this they may abuse that right to start an arsenal to rebel against the government. Another factor of why some people think we should not have guns in our homes is because of all the public shootings that have been happening around the nation. The second amendment was put into effect long before the time we live in today. The purpose of the second amendment was to have a ready militia at all times for the war on
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