Second- Wave Feminism Essay

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Second-Wave Feminism
Towards the end of the twentieth century, feminist women in America faced an underlying conflict to find their purpose and true meaning in life. “Is this all?” was often a question whose answer was sought after by numerous women reaching deeper into their minds and souls to find what was missing from their life. The ideal second-wave feminist was defined as a women who puts all of her time into cleaning her home, loving her husband, and caring for her children, but such a belief caused these women to not only lose their identity within her family but society as well. The emotions that feminist women were feeling at this time was the internal conflict that caused for social steps to be taken in hopes of
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Magazine became a great relief to all feminists by giving them a sense of self-determination and hope for the women’s movement.
Feminist women rarely spoke to each other about their feelings of subjection and loneliness. These emotions led them to feeling ashamed of themselves due to the idealistic image of feminists that society felt was so appropriate. “She was so ashamed to admit her dissatisfaction that she never knew how many other women shared it.” A huge social advancement and rather large step towards understanding feminist women at this time was the formation of rap groups. “They are the heart and soul of the Women’s Movement.” Rap groups were organized and structured meetings that allowed women to openly engage in one another’s thoughts, feelings, and concerns without the input of men or the rest of society. “The rap groups have become mechanisms for social change in and of themselves.” These social groups let women know they were not alone and gave them hope to believe in women’s liberation. Rap groups helped to unify feminist women all over America and brought them together in a structured interaction. “Talking to other women, we came to realize our oppression by understanding the nature of our upbringing and of our lives as, women.” Discussion of past feelings and experiences led to plans of new reforms and steps to achieving full social equality. The social advancements

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