Secondhand Smoking Should Be Illegal

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In our generation smoking still exists even though there are some people who quit smoking and there are some still smoke in ages, however the only problem in our society, people who smoke around youngsters called as well as secondhand smoking is a detective around children and adults. It is important that secondhand smoke shouldn’t be smoking around their own children or underage due to health. Secondhand smoking, tobacco smoke is exhaled by a second smoker or is given off by burning tobacco and also is inhaled by someone nearby which it’s called passive Smoke. It occurs when tobacco smoke spread throughout any environment, which causes it 's inhalation by people within that particular environment. The state of being exposed to secondhand…show more content…
Children 's lungs are still developing at young ages and adult’s occurs harmful effects on the heart. There are millions of children breathing smoke in their home with second hand smoke and second hand smokers don’t realize that their children are especially at more risk to their health than they are. Smoking in vehicles with under age of 18 should ban the law and children whose parents smoke around should also be illegal because in a small enclosed space such as a vehicle with a sunroof has more toxic air which expose breathing more rapidly. According to the author Leada Grove, created an article from wrote that “80 percent of smoke is invisivble and opening windows does not remove its harmful effects. The level of toxic air in a vehicle where someone is smoking is up to 10 times worse than levels that is considered hazardous”. Approximately 250,000 children and adults (non smokers) have died from health problems that exposed to secondhand smoke. Some states in the U.S. had established the secondhand smoke law that is illegal, however other states are still under construction to establish this law. All states should make this law a new law for all second hand smokers because as of right now our country have gained a major health issue and money wise for the government.
From the other side of my argument, People who smoke argue that they have personal rights and the right to burn their own cigarette any way they
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