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1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY After the authorization of Secret Recipe as a title of our assignment by respected lecturer, we would able to start assignment on time. Our team of 8 members has been queried to assess the market for Secret Recipe in order to develop a marketing strategy with properly planning’s for the Secret Recipe. The main objective of we doing this report is to identify the Secret Recipe currently management and communication level in business in order to develop an successful marketing planning in future for our evaluation of assignment . We did this through completing a market analysis, determining the current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threat that Secret Recipe facing currently. As we know, the Secret…show more content…
Other parties include Democratic Action Party (DAP), Parti Islam se Malaysia (PAS) and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR). In total there are more than 30 registered political parties, all of which are represented in the federal parliament. Taxes The major proportion of government revenue comes from taxes, totalling 76 percent of revenue in 1999 (46 percent from direct taxes and 30 percent from indirect taxes). In 1999, the income tax rate was 28 percent for both resident and non-resident companies; however, companies resident in Malaysia have tax exemption on income brought in from abroad. The Malaysian government has introduced a number of initiatives for manufacturing activities, tourism, the agricultural sector, transportation, and communication. Trade Policy Trade policy is to pursue trade liberalization through the rule-based multilateral trading system under the World Trade Organization (WTO). Free trade agreements (FTAs) have traditionally been confined to trade in goods. However, after the establishment of the WTO, trade in services has been included in many FTAs. FDI /FII structure Malaysia government has a generally favourable attitude toward foreign investment, especially regarding projects that facilitate technology transfers, create high skilled jobs and contribute capital

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