American Free Trade Barriers

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Free trade is the idea of economies without barriers. Every one person has the entitlement to buy and sell to and from whoever they want. Free trade is represented by the european economic area and the north american free trade agreement as well as allows workers to focus goods and services where they have a clear comparative advantage.
The Lower Middle Class. According to PBS, the deficit subtracts from the U.S GDP and hurts the lower middle class. By outsourcing jobs, it has regulated millions of U.S workers-especially the low-skilled ones-to the underemployment rolls. PBS also states that as the country imports products it, itself could have produced, the deficit regulates more to poverty (45 million Americans), to food stamps (46 million …show more content…

Trade barriers between Mexico, Canada, and the United States were mean to be broken down by the American Free Trade Agreement which would create jobs as well as close the wage gap between the United States and Mexico. states that after NAFTA was cunstructed between the two countries, Recession of 2008 worsened the downward trend, especially for Hispanics. Mexico’s U.S corn engulfed the Mexican market and by doing so, millions of jobs were lost putting farmers out of work. After this happened, multinational companies opened up factories with low-wage jobs for organized labor and drove waves of migration North. As the Great economy, tied mainly to the U.S because of NAFTA, suffered more than any country in Latin America.
I believe free trade is good as well as bad. The FTA and the TPP helps and/or hurts a country's economy. Free trade is helpful because it lowers prices on high quality goods, grows the economy, improves efficiency and innovation, drives competitiveness, and promotes fairness. I strongly feel as if free trade does more bad than good considering it causes people to lose jobs, hurts the middle class, and creates economic chain reactions. Free trade currently has no impact on me so I really don’t have a strong opinion but it hasn’t completely destroyed the economy yet so it must be doing something

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