Secularization Of Religion In The United States

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If I had the opportunity to create my own college course, I would address the enduring question of why society is growing more secular. Over the last two decades, the American society has abandoned its faith roots. This secularization is evident within my own family as I have noticed that each generation is becoming more secular with time. My grandparents are devout Catholics, attending daily masses and actively participating in their parish’s activities. My parents and siblings, on the other hand, were practicing Catholics when I was a toddler. We read the bible every night before bed, said our nightly prayers, and went to mass each Sunday; however, now they rarely practice their faith, attending mass on only Christmas and Easter. I know my family isn’t the only case where this gradual secularization of generations is occurring. According to a study done by Newsweek, the total number of Catholics in the United States has …show more content…

Although I have analyzed a myriad of reasons, in this class I could research and poll non practicing Catholics in order to narrow down the extensive list and discover the main reasons for why Catholics are leaving the faith. The course would not only be about researching the causes, but it would also include developing solutions and ways to draw people into the faith. As a class, we would present our solutions to Church officials in an attempt to spur change. I am passionate about leading people back to their Catholicism roots because I believe that religion will help terminate the hatred that is presently dividing our country. The faith will help people to realize that we are all children of God, who has made us in his image and likeliness, so we should not hate but love others. This class about the secularization of the American society would not only be interesting but would also stimulate social change at the same

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