Security Consideration Of High Speed Network

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Security Consideration of High Speed Network — 40G/100G Optical Ethernet
Ying Shu Chen Xiao Yang Ren Qiu Yang Guo
Abstract—The basic ideas and technologies for security of 40G/100G Ethernet are briefly described. Some potential security-related problems referring to physical security and the possible preventive measure, and the information security of its data are analyzed in line with its characteristics. Several practical methods for the enhancement of its information security based on the identity authentication and data encryption are proposed.

Index Terms—Ethernet, network security, physical security, information security.

ETWORK security is a problem that for every network administrator must be paid attention to. Network security is, by using various technologies and management measure, to make the network operating properly, in order to ensure the reliability, integrality and security of the network. Optical network widely used optical fiber as its transmission medium. The safety and viability of this medium if the key of the development of optical network. Optical network used to be considered “un-wiretap able”. It does not have electromagnetic radiation, therefore it is not eavesdrop-able through electromagnetic induction. However, the transmission distance for optical signals in the optical fiber is effect by some factors, such as the limitation of SNR and dispersion. In order to achieve long distance and high quality communication…

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