Best Practices of Network Sercurity Essay

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Best Practices for Network Security

Networking is part of our everyday lives now. Weather is us using our phones, computer, using GPS for directions, watching 3D movies and TV’s or in our work environments. Network Security has become search a big issue since our day to day live started to be more involve with us. These problems involve in all type of shapes and forms where some of these issues are cyber attacks, physical attacks, or abuse of policies. People are really exposed due to the amount of internet activities we have going on in most of our networks. There are two fundamentally different when it comes to networking, the data networks and the synchronous network comprised of switches. With that being said there are also …show more content…

Also one has to know what type of network has been worked on, what network topologies the security is going on. The ring topology is going to be different from a bus or star topology. The hybrid is going to be different from the mesh topology or even wireless, this can be one of the hardest networks to protect. Also one has to think about size when it comes to building a network. Most people most of the time can’t tell the different between a big network and a small network. Big networks mostly consist of multiple several servers, computers and other device which connects to the network from the outside. All these devices need to be protected or secured when it’s connected to the internet and the network. Big networks are used mostly in bigger institution and organization where by 30 or more computers and server are used and are all linked to the network. Also speed is a factor when it comes to the internet networks but most importantly it’s important to bigger institutions and companies. Policy is one thing that most organization needs because if they want their network and the use of internet to be secured. Policies have to cover all aspect that the network is in. There has to be a lot of thought put in and all devices and how they connect to the outside world has to be considered. Small networks sometimes don’t have benefits and the down fall bigger networks have. Although speed is a factor, one

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