Security Is The Major Issue That Affects Interpersonal Relationships

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There are several billions of people in the world, and among them a great variety of opinions as to what the word “security” means. Insecurity is a major issue that affects interpersonal relationships, and, more importantly, the relationships we have with ourselves. Feeling insecure can lead to self-destruction and furthermore the destruction of others. In order to maintain a more secure world, we as people need to feel more secure in ourselves. To achieve this, it involves feeling a sense of self-love, and formerly project that love outwards toward others and our surrounding environment. If we do not feel secure in ourselves, how can we possibly ensure that our world, and the people living in it, are safe? When talking about the topic of …show more content…

People all over the world need to feel an internal to a societal connection, however in order to achieve the connection they want within their societies, they need to start with feeling connected with themselves. In the United Nation’s view (1994), “Human security is not a concern with weapons- it is a concern with human life and dignity” (p.22). This statement is important because if we feel at peace and secure with ourselves and others, there will be absolutely no desire to use weapons against anyone. To compliment this argument, I interviewed a student from Oakland University, and her thoughts and life experiences especially stood out to me. Victoria (name changed) struggled with depression for the majority of her high school career as a student. She believes that “security means feeling safe and comfortable in your own skin and not being afraid of being yourself and expressing who you are as a person to the world. I hated myself for so long and because of that I became a hateful person and pushed away the people that loved me the most. One day I looked into the mirror and I realized that the person that looked so sad, mean, and broken was not who I am on the inside. So, from that day on, I started to do the things that I loved, and I began to care for people more, which is why I decided to become a doctor. There is so much hatred and violence in the world and if we want all of

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