Security Issues in International Relations Are Best Addressed by Neo-Realist Approach. Discuss

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'Security Issues are Most Effectively Addressed by a Neo-Realist Approach to International Relations.' Discuss.

Security has been the source for much debate within International Relations; ranging from the optimum way to provide security, through to the definition of security itself. Neo-Realism has, in the past, been the dominant approach to security issues within International Relations. However, in the past few decades events such as the end of the Cold War, international terrorism and globalisation have dramatically changed the world, which has only intensified the debate over which approach most effectively addresses security issues within International Relations. This essay seeks to argue that although, at one time it may have …show more content…

Neo-liberals are prepared to go to war but it is generally accepted as a last resort, with the use of economic sanctions the preferred security method; the belief of peace via co-operation. Neo-liberals view sanctions as a means of preventing a 'rogue' state from violating the international norms (Martin, 1992). The neo-liberal understanding of the international community lies within increasing interconnectedness and the utility of international institutions such as the EU and UN. The security of Israel has weakened in recent years due to threat posed by Iran and their suspected research into the development of nuclear weapons. In 2005 the EU imposed trade sanctions on Iran due to resuming of nuclear activities (European Commission, 2012). A form of collective security occurs when all states stand to lose something from war; collective insecurity leads to security. Kant would argue that even though the international system is anarchic, alliances and treaties still exist as a form of power and security. Buzan (1991) takes this further stating that although economic activity can generate many different factions within in a state, the international economy itself becomes powerfully tied together trade, finance and communication.

As previously mentioned, neo-realists place an emphasis upon security via military power, and whilst there is no denying that military security is

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