Security for Our Mobile Devices

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Risk Analysis
The consequences of a mobile device being compromised by an attacker range from small to huge depending on the level of severity the impact that has on the intended recipient. Some examples include but are not limited to; personal and professional data being removed, operation of the device being rendered unusable, total battery discharge, stealing of user’s identity, recording of conversations, and manipulating smartphones to act as zombie machines.

Assumptions Some common assumptions in mobile device security are that new smartphones and tablets are safe and have the current up to date operating systems installed. Passwords are inconvenient in that they slow down device use. Platform security is 100% secure at all times. The user does not make any mistakes or will not have any accidents with their mobile devices. All applications are trustworthy and legitimate. The data contained within mobile devices is always recoverable. Cybercriminals are not interested in users’ and are instead focused on targeting businesses. A last assumption would be that all Wi-Fi connections are safe and secure. Limitations Security measures are primarily gained through having a combination of knowledge and experience in dealing with mobile device security. The implementation of security solutions can be hard to correlate between a mobile device and a personal computer. Personal computer use antivirus and firewall as a means of security while mobile devices is not possible.

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