Selective Mutism Disorder

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Wouldn't it be sad if someone wanted to speak but nothing came out? The saddest part is that someone really wanted to let words flow through their mouth but just couldn’t. Many people deal with this, It is called selective mutism which is a mental disorder. Most cases of selective mutism are found in children who are usually shy or has social anxiety. This mental disorder is something that can be discovered at a young age. Selective mutism is commonly found in children with normal families even though many people would fight that the family is dysfunctional.This research have thought many people that most children suffer from social anxiety more than anything; they really do want to speak and be apart of society but their tongue is not letting them. Selective mutism is when a well-developed child can’t speak in certain environment.

The cause of selective mutism differs on the case of the person. Selective mutism is hard to categorize because so many cases are different each having their own cause and effect. Many would say that the children with SM are stubborn and choosing not to speak. The reality of it is that these children really do want to have friends and to be active in the classroom but themselves won't let them. Their parents usually just think it’s shyness and sometimes punish the child for not talking or being social. The children can’t help it and it’s sad to think that not a lot of people know about this disorder because many children suffer with it. They

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