Self Reflection

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“. . . at every time and in every place, God draws close to man. He calls man to seek him, to know him, to love him with all his strength.” This phrase’s meaning has changed over the semester. God has been purifying my searching for Him. I can no longer live for myself; I must respond and be found in Him. God is no longer a distant, abstract being or an idea; rather, He has become closer to me as I realize that He is always with me and loves me despite my flaws. I can now approach God like a son; I can speak with Jesus more easily than I was able to at the beginning of the semester. This closeness has forced me to examine myself and see where I want my will to be done rather than His. As the semester ends, I have become more aware of how self-reliant and independent I am and what an obstacle this is. I was unwilling to seek Him truly; I sought him in earthly things. I sought God, and by extension who I thought myself to be, especially in my knowledge and grades. When classes and grades were not going well, I thought I was less. I was resistant to opening this part of my life to God and asking Him what he wished to do with me through this. Over the past month, He has been transforming me slowly as I slowly say yes to Him. My fears about what He wants are being lessened and where I seek Him is changing from where it used to be. As I seek Him anew, I find myself growing in love toward Him and my brothers. I am still praying to discern how Jesus wishes to form me, but the theme

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