Self Sabotaging Or Self-Destructive Behavior In 'Helping The Wall'

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We can recognize self sabotaging or self destructive behaviour, by looking how the behaviour affects us. Take the example of punching the wall, I use this example a lot throughout the book because it’s an effective example of showing how a lack of self awareness can be extremely damaging. By not focusing on every aspect of what you are in power to do something about, and to effectively implement changes within your life. I said this before that you need to get to the core issues behind the issue. Such as the example, the person is not taking the proper steps to stop themselves from punching the wall, and blaming the wall for their hand being sore. Which is partially right, but them not implementing the proper behavioural mechanisms in order to stop punching the wall is they don’t see or refuse to see the things that they are doing to stop their hand from being sore. In order to look for the core issues behind the action isn’t easy, especially since treating mental health problems are more complex than thinking “maybe if I just stop punching the wall my hand will stop hurting”. What it does have in common with the example is that you need to first fully understand yourself because when it comes down to it. There’s a lot of shitty uneducated people in this world of ours, who could care less about what they say and do and how it negatively affects others. The part that your in control of though is. • How you react, how let it affect your daily life • How you perceive

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