Selma The 13th Analysis

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her directorial debut the most practical experience she'd had on the other side of the camera was helping organize documentary footage culled from her many humanitarian aid missions.
Part of her style of working has to do with remembering what kind of directors she has no patience for when she's acting in a movie. When it comes to her cast, Jolie Pitt believes in spending lots of one-on-one time, identifying the overlap between actor and character, familiarizing herself with their individual process. Angelina tends to focus her attention on giving other female writers and directors the chance to show their stuff, too, emerging herself in the producing area. Jolie's new career as a director and writer is pivotal considering the dismal number …show more content…

But DuVernay had an untraditional start to her film career. In fact, she “didn’t even think of it.” She had not gone to film school, and had started out as a publicist. Following the success of Selma DuVernay maintains a focus on racial inequality in her next film. 13th is a documentary that chronicles the inequities of mass incarceration. The film is set to open the New York Film Festival. Winner of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival's Best Director prize for her previous feature Middle of Nowhere, DuVernay's early directorial work includes I Will Follow, Venus Vs and This is The Life. She also distributes and amplifies the work of people of color and women directors through her film collective ARRAY, named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in Hollywood for 2016. After a decade-long journey from independent filmmaking to barrier-breaking success, Ava DuVernay has become a brand. Her influence is now reaching another generation. There’s even an Ava DuVernay Barbie doll. She wants to keep telling authentic stories that matter and to continue creating space for a wider spectrum of voices to be heard in

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